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How to grow vegetables most profitable? See how these farmers got rich growing vegetables?

Vegetables are a common crop in our daily life, such as eggplant, luffa, tomato, pepper and so on, so how to make money by growing vegetables? Here's how these farmers got rich growing vegetables!


1. Make good use of space, and obtain higher quality and price

When planting vegetables, some vegetables next to some empty land, we can make good use of the space, grow some other crops.

2, science and technology planting, temperature control is the key, early into the market early to make money

Use greenhouses to grow vegetables, you can grow all year round to make money! Greenhouse vegetables are vegetables grown by covering the greenhouses with plastic film. Vegetable market season can be artificially controlled. Using greenhouses to cover plastic film to grow vegetables is to artificially create a suitable ecological environment, adjust the season of vegetable production, adjust the market demand, promote the high quality and high yield of vegetables, is one of the effective means to increase farmers' income.

3. Choose new varieties

The new varieties are popular for their high quality, high yield, disease resistance and adaptability.

According to the market demand actively choose new varieties, can get good returns. However, approved seeds must be purchased from the official seed business.

Before introducing a species across regions, consult the Agricultural Technology Extension Department to find out if it is suitable for local climate conditions. If it can be introduced, a small number of seeds should be introduced first for trial planting, to form a certain consumer market, and then expand the area.


4. Analyze the rule of vegetable price and grasp the time difference of listing

Daily, weekly, monthly, annual price trend, detailed analysis. Many vegetable farmers like to recall last year's prices when planting vegetables. Most people plant what they feel this year. In fact, for some vegetable varieties, data analysis is the most useful magic weapon. Use data to guide your planting plan and you may find a different landscape.

5. Promote pollution-free cultivation

In order to meet the demand of consumers for pollution-free food, vegetable farmers should actively adopt pollution-free cultivation technology in production and implement standardized production.

Do not use high toxic and high residue pesticides, more application of organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, biological pesticides, etc. To actively register vegetable products, establish brand awareness. Qualified people should implement pollution-free agricultural products certification as soon as possible, occupy market share to expand.

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