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[Facility agriculture] To facility agriculture for food, intelligent greenhouse potential

With the progress of modern agricultural science and technology in China, intelligent greenhouse has been widely used in agricultural production in China, as well as the continuous development of greenhouse types and the continuous extension of functions, all kinds of leisure and sightseeing greenhouses with intelligent greenhouse facilities as the carrier, with constant temperature environment as the selling point, with the concept of all time and all season leisure play, nature education as a new engine of agricultural development, Let the intelligent greenhouse give full play to its potential to provide greater value support for agriculture.


Intelligent greenhouse has many advantages

Smart greenhouses are widely welcomed in new agricultural developments because of their scientific structure, new standards and elegant appearance, which can be equipped with a variety of greenhouse equipment to achieve a variety of functions and applications. In addition, compared with traditional facility agriculture, intelligent greenhouse has more advantages in human resources, product price and land cost due to its high yield and high efficiency.

1 Intelligent greenhouse structure science, beautiful and generous, widely used. Adopt multi - span structure, theoretically can be unlimited multi - span. The top and surrounding areas are covered in transparent material, which provides excellent lighting. Also known as an "all-light greenhouse", this greenhouse structure is less affected by terrain and is suitable for widespread use. In addition, the international mainstream greenhouse structure and norms are common, a variety of new modern agricultural equipment can be installed selectively, through the configuration of different greenhouse equipment can be applied to a variety of functions, such as: flowers, vegetables, fruits, Chinese herbs and other crops planting, plant factory production, ecological agriculture tourism, aquaculture and a variety of agricultural production are widely used.

2. The main steel frame used in the construction of intelligent greenhouse is obviously stronger, stronger bearing capacity and better snow resistance than the ordinary simple greenhouse, and all the steel frames are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, first welded and then the whole galvanized, and the connection is made of special hot-dip galvanized connecting parts. High corrosion resistance. Ordinary intelligent greenhouse is covered with glass, not only good light transmission, look good, more important is not aging, 30 to 50 years will not decay, can always be used.

3, greenhouse new special equipment and a variety of sensors can not only accurately detect the greenhouse, greenhouse, humidity and light data, but also accurately detect soil moisture, carbon dioxide concentration and insect pests. Create an accurate environment for greenhouse production.

4. In crop planting, there are many production links that require a large number of repeated operations, most of which can be automated to save labor costs and improve production efficiency. Intelligent greenhouse is characterized by intelligence. With the technological development of greenhouse equipment, the greenhouse will become more and more intelligent, saving a lot of manpower and time.


5, intelligent greenhouse environmental control is accurate, professional installation, widely used. It is suitable for all kinds of new agriculture and has obvious economic benefits. Accurate environmental control can cultivate and propagate some crops and varieties that cannot be grown in the open.

6. At present, the national and local governments pay special attention to the construction of modern agricultural parks. The country takes "five zones and four platforms" as the key point to promote agricultural supply-side structural reform, and modern agricultural industrial park is one of the "five zones and four platforms". The establishment of modern agricultural industrial park is an important measure to do well the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and deepen the reform of agricultural structure in the new era.

7. Reduce land use area and remove dependence on soil conditions. One of the most important resources in agriculture is land, and the rent of land occupies a high proportion in agricultural production for a long time. Yet we face a situation where land is becoming scarcer and more expensive, and available land is becoming scarcer and scarcer. Less and less land is available for vegetable production, and it is no longer easy to find clean, healthy land.

In the long run, the greenhouse market has great potential for development. The users of intelligent greenhouse also tend to be rational and mature. It is generally required that the greenhouse tends to be rationalized in layout, scientific in adaptation to local climate conditions and popular in application technology of greenhouse.

The development trend of intelligent greenhouse in recent years can be summarized as follows:

1. Intelligent greenhouse and modern industrial technology are further combined to improve the quality of hardware and enhance the supporting capacity. Our facilities agriculture should further develop in building structure engineering, material engineering and water saving and energy saving engineering, and improve the quality of main structure and enhance supporting capabilities.

2. The production of facilities and facilities agricultural products is developing toward standardization, including the performance, structure, design, installation, construction and use standards of greenhouses and supporting facilities, regulations and standards of facility cultivation technology and production technology, and technical standards of product quality and monitoring.

3, intelligent greenhouse and computer automatic control technology. To achieve light, temperature, water, fertilizer, gas and other factors of automatic monitoring and automatic control of operating machinery.


4. Combine with information technology to establish network management, patterned operation and remote service with products, technologies and markets as the main content.

5. Combined with biotechnology, develop new crop varieties with strong resistance to stress, disease and pest, storage resistance and high yield, and improve the yield and quality of greenhouse crops; We will make use of special means of production such as biological agents, biological pesticides and biofertilizers to develop precision agriculture and provide the society with more abundant and safe green and healthy food without pollution.

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