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Rainy day vegetable greenhouse management should pay attention to

In the process of greenhouse vegetable planting, if it is continuously overcast, it will make some sun-loving vegetables slow to grow. So how do you solve this problem?

1. Clear ditches and canals in time to ensure the smooth flow of waterways. It is necessary to prevent the rainwater from pouring back into the greenhouses to cause waterlogging in the fields and prevent the root system from anoxia and death of seedlings. When it rains, pull the tuyere to prevent rain from entering the shed, so as to prevent late blight, gray mold and other diseases caused by excessive humidity in the shed.


Two, do a good job in the greenhouse temperature and humidity, lighting management.

Pay attention to heat preservation and ventilation to reduce humidity, ventilation in time during the day, increase light, heat preservation and cold prevention at night. Attention should be paid to prevent the harm of low temperature. In case of sudden temperature drop, emergency measures such as the greenhouse set, the shed and the shed multi-layer covering insulation can be adopted. Shed should be covered with mulch film, conditions can also be scattered in the bed surface dried grass and wood ash, spread dry straw, and so on, try to reduce the humidity in the shed.

3. Pick melons, flowers and fruits in time

Cloudy days, low ground temperature, weak light, not conducive to root absorption of nutrients. Melons and eggplant vegetables must be picked promptly to remove excessive flowers and small fruits. Reduce excessive consumption of plant nutrients and promote normal root and plant growth.


Four, the use of pharmaceutical disease and pest control

It is very easy to lead to the death of vegetable plants, rotten seedlings, at this time we can appropriate spray some pesticides, can effectively prevent the occurrence of disease.

These are the management points of greenhouses in cloudy days. Now, with serious pollution, there is little direct sunlight in various areas. In order to ensure the effective growth of their own vegetables, these measures must be done.

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