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Temperature rise, vegetable production how to prevent growth!

As the temperature continues to rise, vegetables enter a vigorous growth period. When the temperature outside rises, the temperature inside the shed rises, and so does the night temperature.

When night temperature is high, plant respiration is vigorous, and organic nutrients are consumed more, plants are prone to barren growth. At the same time, due to the large consumption of organic nutrients, flower buds and fruits cannot get enough nutrition supply, which is manifested in the increase of falling flowers and falling fruits and deformed fruits, which is what vegetable farmers often say, "there are many trees that do not bear fruit".

It is suggested that vegetable farmers should extend the time of letting out the air properly according to the weather conditions and the temperature in the shed, and avoid barren growth by properly controlling the fertilizer and water.


Guard against growth

1. After each watering, hoe should be hoe in time to break the surface compaction and improve soil permeability.

2, plant nutrient growth is too prosperous, often in the soil nitrogen fertilizer, vegetable absorption is very easy to lead to fruitless. If you want to control the length of stems and leaves, you should pay attention to adjust the proportion of topdressing. Generally speaking, when there are barren plants, the use of nitrogen fertilizer should be reduced to adjust the nutrient balance in the plant to alleviate the situation of barren plants. If topdressing is needed in the later stage, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and suspended calcium can be selected to focus on supplementing potassium, calcium and phosphorus, so as to coordinate plant growth, cultivate strong plants and improve resistance.

3, timely leave fruit, reasonable pruning.

In combination with plant growth, the fruit should be left early for flourishing plants, on the contrary, when the plants are weak, it should be picked early. Prosperous long plants should be properly late pruning, disperse nutrients, when the number of remaining fruit increases or the plant recovers growth, then reasonable pruning.


4, for the long plants do not rush to hang the vine, take tomato, you can push the tomato seedlings from close to the ground stem position, so over a period of time the tomato seedlings will turn a bend to grow up, once the tomato seedling turn, nutrient transport to the head of the speed will slow down, plant nutrient growth is inhibited, and transport to the tomato flower and fruit on the nutrition will become more. To prevent the tomatoes from breaking, water them lightly in advance.

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