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Summer greenhouse maintenance tips

Greenhouse maintenance work in the summer is crucial, it is not only related to the healthy growth of crops, but also related to the service life of the greenhouse itself.

First, the skeleton maintenance of greenhouse

Metal skeleton maintenance:

Regularly check the skeleton of the bolted connection to ensure that the bolt tightness is moderate to prevent structural instability caused by loosening.

Check whether the welding joint of the welded skeleton is cracked, if there is cracking, it should be repaired immediately.

For metal components that are not galvanized, anti-rust paint can be applied regularly to extend the life of the structure.

Column maintenance in the shed:

The column is the key to support the arch rod, and once the fracture or slight break mark is found, reinforcement measures should be taken, such as adding reinforcement short columns.

For the greenhouse without pillar, with the increase of service life, the skeleton is prone to deformation, and the column support should be added in the corresponding position.


Second, greenhouse film maintenance

Repair damage in time:

In the process of use, the shed film will inevitably be damaged, and it should be repaired in time to prevent the expansion of damage.

Repair methods include bonding with scotch tape, repairing with special laminating glue or covering with a new laminating film.

Timely film collection:

The polyvinyl chloride drip-free anti-aging film used in greenhouses can generally be used for two seasons.

In the period when the greenhouse is not used, the shed film should be put away in time and properly kept in a cool and ventilated place.

After removal, scrub it gently with a soft cloth and brush to avoid prolonged soaking and rubbing.

Three, greenhouse temperature control

Shading and cooling:

The summer temperature is high, and the light intensity can be reduced and the temperature of the greenhouse can be reduced by measures such as sunshade nets and sunshade shed materials.

The proportion of shading area in the total area of the greenhouse is recommended to be 30% to 50%.


Use the ventilation system of the greenhouse for air exchange, maintain the gas exchange inside and outside the greenhouse, and effectively cool down and reduce humidity.

Ventilation Windows can be installed on the top or walls of the greenhouse, and negative pressure fans can also be set up.

Water cooling:

In the hot summer period, water spray, spray refrigeration and other ways to increase moisture, reduce the temperature of the greenhouse.


Drainage system inspection:

Check the drainage system of the greenhouse in advance to ensure that the gutter, downspout and drainage pipe network are unimpeded to avoid rainwater backpouring.

Enhanced stability:

Timely replace the damaged film line and greenhouse skeleton, tighten the film line, and prevent the film from being blown by the wind.

In windy weather, it is necessary to check the fixed condition of the greenhouse at any time and strengthen it in time.

Hail prevention measures:

Before the hail comes, it is timely to cover the insect-proof net or sunshade net equal to the length and width of the greenhouse to reduce the impact of hail on the shed film.

Fifth, the summer maintenance work of greenhouse covers many aspects such as skeleton, shed film, temperature control and extreme weather protection. Through careful inspection and maintenance, you can ensure that the greenhouse provides a good growing environment for crops in the summer, while extending the service life of the greenhouse.

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