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What's the difference between greenhouses and greenhouses

Greenhouses and greenhouses are facilities for growing plants in agricultural production, but they have some obvious differences in structure, function, environmental control and use. Here's a detailed comparison of the two:

I. Definition and use:

1, greenhouses: a simple shelter facility, mainly composed of steel frames and covering materials, used to protect crops from birds, insects, wind, rain and frost and other external factors. It usually does not have specialized heating, ventilation and humidity control equipment, and is suitable for small-scale plant cultivation and agricultural production.

(2) Greenhouse: A facility consisting of aluminum alloy, PVC or steel frame and transparent covering material (such as glass or polycarbonate) to create a suitable growing environment by means of heating, ventilation, irrigation and monitoring of climatic conditions. Greenhouses are often used to grow plant varieties that require warmer, wetter and more stable climates, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and roses.

Ii. Structure and function:

1, greenhouses: the structure is relatively simple, usually a set of frames and plastic films or other shielding materials, covered in the frame to protect the plants. Without sealed walls, heating or ventilation, greenhouses have limited control over environmental conditions, but they are less expensive to build and easy to install and maintain.

2, greenhouse: The structure is relatively complex, usually with sealed walls, high roof and heating, ventilation, humidity and other control equipment. Greenhouses allow for better control of environmental conditions and are suitable for growing plants that require finer environmental control.

Third, environmental control:

1, greenhouse: generally there is no special control equipment, environmental changes are mainly affected by natural conditions. The temperature inside a greenhouse is usually higher than outside, but it can change quickly.

2, greenhouse: can control its internal environment through the control system, such as the basic air temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide level and light intensity. These control systems allow growers to better manage nutrient and water supplies, regulate plant growth and health, and prevent pests and diseases.

Three materials:

1, greenhouses: usually use steel frame or iron frame and other materials, and covered by thin film or glass.

2, greenhouse: Frame materials usually use more robust materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, and the thickness of the glass is higher.

Iv. Type:

1, greenhouses: according to different structure and function, it can be divided into plastic film greenhouses, steel skeleton greenhouses, glass greenhouses, bamboo and wood escalator greenhouses.

2, greenhouse: according to the technical categories are generally divided into multi-storey greenhouse, solar greenhouse, plastic greenhouse (the greenhouse here is different from the previous greenhouse in classification, usually refers to a relatively simple greenhouse form), small arch shed four categories.

5. Choose the right facilities:

When choosing a growing facility, consider plant growing needs, limited space and budget, and environmental controls. If more refined environmental control is required, a greenhouse may be a better choice.

There are obvious differences between greenhouses and greenhouses in terms of definition, structure, function, environmental control, materials and types. When choosing which facility to use, it should be determined according to the specific planting needs and conditions.

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