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Current situation and direction of the development of facility agriculture in our country

Facility agriculture includes three fields: facility gardening (planting), facility breeding and facility aquatic products, but local agricultural machinery management departments are used to call facility gardening as facility agriculture.

First, the scale of facilities is large

The area of facilities above large and medium-sized arcades in China reaches 3.7 million hectares (55.5 million mu), accounting for 80% of the world's facilities horticultural area. The greenhouse covers an area of 999,000 hectares (15 million mu), accounting for 27% of the country's facility area. Glass greenhouse is known as the highest level of equipment greenhouse, China has 9,000 hectares (135,000 acres), second only to the Netherlands (10,800 hectares), ranking second in the world.


Second, the role of industry is large

Facilities vegetable planting area of 4 million hectares (60 million mu), accounting for 17% of the vegetable planting area. Output of nearly 300 million tons, accounting for 38% of the total output of vegetables, the output value of 980 billion yuan, accounting for 17.9% of the total output value of agriculture. 70 million people were employed, and per capita income increased by 993 yuan. The plant area is 116,000 hectares (1.74 million mu), accounting for 8.7% of the flower planting area. Facilities fruit trees 67,000 hectares (1 million mu, excluding strawberries).

Third, there is a large demand for equipment

The per unit yield of facility vegetables and facility flowers is less than 15% of that of developed countries such as the Netherlands. The profitability level of intensive operation of facility vegetables is low, and insufficient equipment and equipment integration is one of the main bottlenecks (the other three are labor, input cost, production technology and management level, respectively), which reflects the abnormal correlation between the level of facility equipment and management efficiency. There is even a negative correlation.

Fourth, equipment technology has made remarkable progress

Production operation machinery, environmental control equipment, water and fertilizer integration equipment, plant protection equipment, facility production supporting integration technology and other equipment technologies continue to be launched and quickly put into use.

Fifth, new trends have great impact

There are obvious trends in five aspects: informatization and digitalization, automation and intelligence, large-scale intensification, green ecology, and whole-process integration, which greatly promote equipment innovation and application upgrading.

The main shortcoming of current facility agriculture

First, the level of mechanization is low

At present, the average mechanization rate of horticultural facilities in China is only 33%, and it is extremely unbalanced in different facilities and different links. The mechanization level of multi-storey greenhouse is relatively high, and the solar greenhouse and greenhouse are low. Cultivation and water and fertilizer links are relatively high, planting and harvesting links are low, and environmental control is in the middle. It is urgent to upgrade equipment from the basic level.


Second, the proportion of equipment subsidies is low and the scope is narrow

The proportion of the previous year is basically less than 1%, and the categories are few. In the 2018-2020 Guidance on the Implementation of agricultural machinery Purchase Subsidies, only four categories of equipment including electric rolling curtain machine, hot blast stove, heating system (including fuel hot blast stove and hot water heating system) and water curtain cooling equipment are listed, with obvious regional limitations. The mature and widely used equipment such as environmental control, labor-saving and efficient operation machines and information management systems that meet the needs of current industrial development urgently need to be included.

Third, the degree of standardization of greenhouse types is low

Although the research and development of suitable greenhouse structure form has been carried out for many large climate regions since the "ninth Five-Year Plan", the summary, promotion and application of scientific research results are insufficient, and the introduction, digestion and absorption results under the leadership of enterprises are the mainstream of industrial application. There are many cases of blind copying, and the comprehensive evaluation and selection of scientific system are insufficient.

Fourth, the technology of complete sets of equipment is insufficient

The complete set of equipment technology that combines greenhouse and production equipment with cultivated varieties and technologies is insufficient, especially the complete set of equipment technology with good economic benefits. This shortcoming is particularly evident on the international competition platform. In the output of equipment, in addition to Southeast Asia and Africa, Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea are blank, and Russia, South America, Eastern Europe and other major export areas of Europe and the United States, China's proportion is very low.

Fifth, the development and application of standards are insufficient

The national standards and industry standards in the field of facilities and horticultural equipment have been promulgated, involving the design, construction, acceptance of greenhouse projects, also involving some equipment, and also involving normative terms. Although the total amount is still insufficient, due to the lack of attention and publicity efforts, the application of existing standards is weak.

Some suggestions on the development of facility agriculture

First, to carry out the national greenhouse zoning and main types of standardization work

Combined with climate zoning, the total amount is summarized according to the characteristics of facility planting categories, and full investigation is carried out to absorb the existing experience at the scientific research and industry level, optimize technical indicators, formulate greenhouse construction standards, and vigorously implement them, and establish guidelines for the implementation of subsidies for facilities and horticultural equipment and industrial investment in various regions.


The second is to carry out the construction of facilities horticultural equipment database

Better mobilize the strength of scientific research institutions and industry associations to collect data and information and form a long-term mechanism, starting from the needs of industry management, policy formulation, industrial services and other dimensions, develop a reasonable framework, build a database, and carry out social sharing.

Third, the construction of facilities and horticultural equipment test base

Fill the gap of identification and testing service capacity, and improve the application speed of new equipment.

Fourth, strengthen efforts to promote the development of industry standards and encourage the development of group standards

At the same time, strengthen the application of promulgated standards in relevant policies, and coordinate the strength of social groups to strengthen standard recommendation, publicity, docking and application.

Fifth, support the construction of a number of complete sets of equipment testing and promotion bases

In the face of the new industrial situation and technological progress, the whole process of information management, intelligent equipment in the key links, and mechanized equipment in the main links need to accelerate the research and development and application. The complete set determines the performance of the equipment, and the integration of engineering, equipment and technology determines the feasibility of the application of the equipment, and even the application benefit. Based on the mass categories with obvious technological differences, the construction of a complete set of equipment test and promotion base can integrate engineering and technology well and solve practical problems at the application level.

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