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Planning principle and path of modern agricultural industrial park

Modern agricultural industrial park refers to the spatial and regional gathering area of modern agriculture. Guided by the government and operated by enterprises, it is constructed and managed with the concept of industrial park. With the goal of promoting agricultural modernization and increasing farmers' income, it implements intensive production and enterprise management on the basis of modern science and technology and material equipment. The comprehensive demonstration park, which integrates various functions such as agricultural production, science and technology, ecology and tourism, is the advanced form of agricultural demonstration zone.

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Industrial planning

1, three principles: in general, adhere to the principle of "science and technology, innovative ideas, sustainable development"

2, the proportion of four: in the industrial layout, on the basis of the current advantageous industrial layout, further improve the "green, pollution-free, organic, characteristic products" of the four proportion

3, four methods: In terms of fund raising, adhere to the four methods of "government guidance, enterprise oriented, multiple investment, rolling development" 4, five platforms: In the organization and construction of the park, build five platforms of "investment attraction, agricultural high-tech transformation, modern agriculture demonstration, modern agricultural technology training and promotion, modern agricultural industrialization management and marketing"

5, eight systems: In the selection of projects, the comprehensive construction of "characteristic theme planting, facilities vegetables, flowers and seedlings, seed breeding, special breeding, leisure and tourism, agricultural processing, logistics and distribution" and other eight industrial systems.

6. Seven combinations:

(1) Combine agricultural operation with green food production

(2) The combination of agricultural management and health and fitness

(3) Combine agricultural operation with agricultural experience

(4) The combination of agricultural management and agricultural culture display

(5) The combination of agricultural management and villa building requirements

(6) Combine static projects with dynamic projects

(7) Combine agricultural development with infrastructure

Key points of planning and design of modern agricultural industrial park

Clear positioning, development of typical demonstration role

The planning of modern agricultural industrial park should first clarify the position of the park in regional development, which needs to determine the nature and scale of the park first. Secondly, determine the main functions and development direction of the park; Finally, the development stages of the park and the objectives of each stage are determined.

Take scale and brand as development strategy

Through the implementation of brand strategy, constantly improve the quality of agricultural products and market competitiveness; Driven by leading enterprises, the driving force of agricultural industrialization development is continuously condensed; By promoting industrial upgrading, we will continuously attract farmers to become industrial workers and promote farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich.

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Take modern agriculture as the core, select and cultivate leading industries

1. Selection of planting conditions

On the basis of full investigation and research, the leading industries of industrial parks should be determined and the characteristics of leading industries should be obvious. Cultivation needs to meet the following conditions and principles:

Crops should give full play to their display and demonstration functions;

Crops need to meet the requirements of large-scale planting and facilitate centralized management;

Planting varieties should consider the tourism function;

Pay attention to the connection between demonstration area and field area;

To ensure the planting core area of convenient transportation;

Do not hinder large-scale planting in field areas;

The economic value and scientific and technological content of crops are high;

Follow the principles of organic farming.

2, planting form selection

According to the selected leading industries, clear agricultural planting forms are the basis for the cultivation of leading industries. There are two main types of farming, including facility farming (demonstration areas) and field farming (organic farming areas).

3, leading industry cultivation

In the process of cultivating leading industries, it is necessary to achieve high industrial concentration, close upstream and downstream connection and strong inter-industry correlation.

We will build a structure for integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries

In the process of promoting agricultural industrialization, fully tap the ecological value, leisure value and cultural value, with agriculture as the core and leisure agriculture projects as the starting point, integrate housing, land, human resources and other resources, rationally layout the four-season agriculture and landscape agriculture, and build and enhance a number of leisure agriculture sightseeing parks integrating the functions of fruit gathering, sightseeing and science popularization. Hold flower, fruit and other agricultural festivals, integrate the development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries to achieve multi-functional management, promote farmers' income, and accelerate the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.

Local policies, scientific planning and layout

Adhere to the principle of planning first, scientifically formulate the development plan of modern agricultural parks, and formulate special plans for industrial parks. The planning should be forward-looking, taking into account the trend and trend of the development of the first, second and third industries, forming the industrial park planting, processing, logistics, research and development, service and other first, second and third industries, and the layout is relatively concentrated, so that they can be closely connected and form a good win-win structure. The special planning of the industrial park is connected with the relevant planning of rural revitalization, village construction, land use, etc., and the industrial development is coordinated with the planning of village construction and ecological livable, and promoted simultaneously, forming a pattern of integrating the park and village and the industry and village.

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Design a reasonable profit model

The construction of modern agricultural industrial park focuses on improving the "six modernization" of agricultural benefits.

The first: the primary industry and the three industries

Do the "four production" instead of the first production, on the basis of the science and technology demonstration of the primary industry, horizontal integration of various elements of the three production, to maximize the value of agriculture.

Second: the branding of the secondary industry

High yield is not necessarily efficient, in the "high, fine, sharp" on the article, in the safe agriculture, vigorously develop organic agriculture, do the safest agricultural products base.

Third: industrialization of the tertiary industry

The nine elements of food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, treatment, health care, swimming can be made into industries, such as cultural agriculture plate, can be made into a cultural creative industry park.

Fourth: agricultural module base localization

From a simple agricultural park to a "base" transformation, into a "science and technology agricultural base, cultural agricultural base, agricultural talent base, safe food base".

Fifth: science and technology agriculture school

Every modern agricultural park of tens of thousands of acres must establish cooperative relations with provincial and even national colleges and universities in order to facilitate the continuous upgrading of agricultural science and technology.

Sixth: agricultural model nationalization

Under the premise of rigid market demand, track the advanced technology of international agriculture and update it in time.

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