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The trend and prospect of high-quality development of intelligent greenhouse

Modern greenhouses have adopted intensive, specialized and large-scale production, and formed capital and technology-intensive high-tech industries, which have become one of the most dynamic emerging industries in the world today and the highlight of modern agriculture.


1. The type of greenhouse is gradually transformed from low-end and multi-type to high-end and high-grade types.

2. The engineering technology of greenhouse construction has gradually changed from small knocks, low-end materials and on-site human construction to new materials, high quality and assembled engineering construction.

The utilization function of the greenhouse project from seedling to production, from planting to aquaculture, from single to comprehensive, the development of three-dimensional space utilization, so that plants, animals, microorganisms three things a shed, integrated production, the new demonstration of modern agriculture to a new height.


The equipment configuration of greenhouse projects in the high-tech level of the Internet of things, the Internet, digital agriculture, smart agriculture, etc., has gradually emerged, fundamentally transforming the modernization of greenhouse projects, supporting the high-quality development of greenhouse projects. In the overall operation and comprehensive benefits of greenhouse projects, the main body, mode of operation, industrial development, yield rate, per mu benefit, etc., have undergone fundamental changes in the face of the challenges of globalization, agricultural cooperation and sharing, breaking through regional restrictions, through transnational cooperation, we can introduce advanced greenhouse technology and experience, and improve the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production.

With the development of science and technology, the integration of the global economy and the progress of society, the modern greenhouse will take energy saving, environmental protection and improving working conditions as the core, deeply and widely adopt high and new technologies, and develop steadily, continuously and rapidly in the direction of "factorization" in the substantive sense, with broad prospects.

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