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The path to digitalization in agriculture under the guidance of the Central Document 2024

In the wave of the information age, digital agriculture has gradually emerged with its efficient and intelligent characteristics. As the core driving force for future agricultural development, digital agriculture is leading the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry in its unique way. In particular, a series of documents issued by the central government have pointed out the direction for the vigorous development of digital agriculture.

The rise of digital agriculture

Digital agriculture is not a simple application of digital intelligence technology in the agricultural field, but a smart agricultural ecosystem that deeply integrates digital intelligence technology, cloud computing, big data and other advanced technologies. With the support of the underlying digital intelligence technology, this system supports all kinds of agricultural cloud platforms, and then expands to various links such as agricultural finance, agricultural production, agricultural talent management, and agricultural products circulation.

This ecosystem has excellent compatibility, extensibility and sharing, and can realize the interconnection between different agricultural subdivisions, different application scenarios and different regions, so as to form a more extensive agricultural ecosystem combination.

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Digital agriculture development under the guidance of the Central Document

In recent years, the central government has issued a series of documents emphasizing the importance of digital agriculture in the process of agricultural modernization. These documents not only clarify the development goals of digital agriculture, but also provide specific implementation paths and policy guarantees for the development of digital agriculture.

Among them, the "Digital Rural Development Outline" clearly proposes to vigorously promote the digital transformation of agriculture, and make full use of big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means to improve agricultural production efficiency and management level. In addition, the document also proposed the establishment of agricultural information service platform to achieve accurate docking of agricultural production and market demand.

The "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Digital Countryside" emphasizes the development of rural e-commerce and proposes to actively promote the upward movement of agricultural products and improve the circulation efficiency of agricultural products. At the same time, the document also proposed to promote the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries and build a rural industrial system.

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Prospects for digital agriculture in 2024

With the introduction and implementation of the central document, as well as the continuous progress of technology and the continuous expansion of market demand, it is expected that by 2024, digital agriculture will show the following development prospects:

1. Intelligent agricultural production: Through the Internet of Things, big data and other technical means, to achieve accurate monitoring and management of agricultural production process, improve agricultural production efficiency and agricultural product quality.

2. Agricultural financial innovation: Provide more efficient and safer financial services for agricultural producers through technical means such as big data risk control. At the same time, digital technology will also provide more diversified financial services for the circulation of agricultural products.

3. Vigorous development of rural e-commerce: With the continuous improvement of rural e-commerce infrastructure and the continuous innovation of e-commerce model, the upward movement of agricultural products and the downward movement of industrial products will be more convenient and efficient. Rural e-commerce will become an important force to promote rural economic development.

4. Integrated development of rural industries: digital technology will promote the deep integration of the first, second and third industries in rural areas, forming a rural industrial system based on agricultural production, supported by the processing and circulation of agricultural products, and expanded by leisure tourism and cultural creativity.

5. Agricultural data sharing: With the continuous improvement of data security and privacy protection systems, agricultural data will be shared and applied more widely. This will provide more valuable information and decision support for agricultural producers, researchers and managers.

Under the guidance of the central document, digital agriculture will usher in a broader development space and better development prospects in the next few years. We expect digital agriculture to bring more innovations and changes to our agricultural modernization and rural economic development.

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