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Rain, vegetable planting need to pay attention to the following matters?

In the period of more rain, vegetable planting needs to pay attention to the following:

Follow the weather forecast

Rainy season should pay attention to collect meteorological data at any time, and take preventive measures as early as possible, so as to advance layout, advance protection, reduce losses.

Drainage and waterlogging prevention:

Clean the drainage channels of vegetable fields in time to ensure that rainwater can be quickly discharged to avoid water causing vegetable root rot.

Do a good job of slope protection of earth wall solar greenhouse

First of all, add plastic sheets to the back wall and back slope of the earth wall solar greenhouse to cover it tightly to prevent rain from penetrating into it and causing the collapse of the shed; At the same time, digging drains around the greenhouse can discharge the rainwater on the plastic sheet in time after flowing down, and avoid causing waterlogging.


Strengthen field management

After the rain, we should seize the time to carry out field management, such as clearing the ditch to loosen the soil, timely topdressing, timely removal of residual branches and diseased leaves. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of vegetable diseases. Due to the high humidity of the air in the rainy season, many diseases such as soft rot of leafy vegetables, melon diseases, root rot of beans, early blight of jacket fruits, leaf mold, gray mold and so on are easy to occur. During this period, ventilation should be increased day and night, and agricultural operations such as whole technology and topping should be carried out in the morning in good weather. Should seize the sunny day to choose targeted agents timely prevention and control, reduce the occurrence of various diseases. At the same time, it is necessary to pick the mature fruit in time to prevent affecting the growth of vegetable plants and aggravating the occurrence of diseases.

Actively grab the harvest, grab the sowing

The vegetable fields are flooded and the vegetables are damaged, and the affected vegetables that still have market value should be actively harvested and listed to reduce losses, and the fast-growing leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage should be quickly sown in batches.

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Do a good job in the solar greenhouse

Solar greenhouse vegetable production into the later stage of production, rainy days will increase the occurrence of vegetable diseases, increase production costs, then you can consider pulling seedlings to change the crop or rest the land, to prepare for the next crop vegetable production; If conditions allow, can be properly carried out high temperature stuffy shed to prevent soil-borne diseases.

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