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Basic knowledge of agricultural standardization

First, agricultural standardization

To apply the principles of standardization of "unification, simplification, coordination and optimization" to the whole process of agricultural production before, during and after production, promote the rapid dissemination of advanced agricultural achievements and experience, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, promote the circulation of agricultural products, standardize the market order of agricultural products, guide production and guide consumption through the formulation, implementation and supervision of standards. In order to achieve good economic, social and ecological benefits, in order to improve the level and effectiveness of agricultural production for the purpose of a series of activities process, called agricultural standardization.


Second, the characteristics of agricultural standardization

1. The main object of agricultural standardization is the life or organism, which is not only the purposeful activity of human beings, but also must obey the laws of nature.

2. Agricultural standardization is obviously regional and must be adapted to local conditions.

3. Agricultural standardization is a complex systematic project.

4. The written standards of agricultural standardization are as important as the physical standards.

Third, the nature of agricultural standards

There are mandatory standards and recommended standards.

Mandatory standards are national technical regulations, including: seeds, pesticides, veterinary drugs and other important agricultural production standards; Safety and health standards for agricultural products; Safety and hygiene requirements in the production, storage, transportation and use of agricultural products; Environmental protection and ecological protection standards in agricultural production; Common technical term symbols and code standards; Important agricultural product standards that the state needs to control.

Recommended standards: refers to the standards formulated by the state, industry and local governments to recommend the adoption of enterprises and society. Once the recommended standard is incorporated into the mandatory document, it will have the corresponding administrative binding force.


Iv. Procedures for implementing agricultural standards

Plan → Preparation → Pilot → implementation → Inspection → Summary → Feedback

Implementation method:

Provide standard text → focus on typical demonstration → Rely on industrialization leading enterprises to drive farmers to implement standards → organize training → summary exchange.

5. Methods for the construction of agricultural standardization demonstration zones

1. Establish and improve agricultural standardization organizations.

2. Formulate practical implementation plans.

3. Establish and improve a system of agricultural standards.

4. Select representative demonstration sites.

5. Publicize and implement standards.

6. Organize inspection and guidance in time.

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