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Explore different types of modern agricultural industrial park development model!

With the country's continuous promotion of agricultural modernization, modern agricultural industrial parks have sprung up all over the country. These industrial parks not only bring new development opportunities for farmers, but also provide strong support for the structural adjustment and optimization and upgrading of the agricultural industry.


Diversification of investment subjects

(1) Government-sponsored parks, whose economic objectives focus on promoting regional economic growth, are committed to leading the development of modern agriculture and the optimization and adjustment of agricultural structure. The government pays attention to building a community of interests between the park and the farmers to realize the industrial management of agriculture, rather than simply pursuing the maximization of the interests of the park itself. A significant change is that the use of agricultural development funds has shifted from the original decentralized state to centralized use, and the focus of investment has gradually shifted from agricultural infrastructure construction to the actual production of agricultural products.

(2) The design and layout of enterprise-led parks mainly focus on the goal of maximizing benefits. There is a certain connection between these parks and the local agricultural structure and leading industries, but this connection is not necessary. Enterprises pay more attention to the economic benefits of the park and their own profitability.

(3) When the government and enterprises (or farmers) cooperate jointly, the development of the park shows a trend of comprehensive benefits. Such parks are planned, attracted and managed by the government, while enterprises are responsible for investment and independent operation. However, it is worth noting that the product production of the enterprise must be in line with the overall development direction of the park, so as to ensure that the economic goals of the government and the interests of the enterprise can integrate and promote each other. It is widely believed that this mode can better reflect the comprehensive benefits of the park.

Land use status division

(1) Planting agricultural parks cover a variety of types, such as flower parks, seedling parks, seed parks and greenhouse vegetable parks. These parks mainly rent rural collective land, and usually do not set up fixed structures in their planting areas to ensure that the ploughing layer of the cultivated land is preserved, and the land use has not changed, and it still belongs to the category of agricultural land. The introduction of high technology into these parks, innovation and adjustment of traditional planting industry, through the construction of large-scale, high-standard parks, has played a significant demonstration and radiation role in local agriculture. In addition, in addition to the planting base, the park is also equipped with a series of supporting facilities such as agricultural products distribution center, flower exhibition and trading hall, vegetable wholesale market, agricultural products processing factory and scientific research institute, although these facilities cover a relatively small area, but high investment, strict standards, become an indispensable part of the construction of agricultural parks.

(2) Farming agricultural parks cover various types of pig (cattle, sheep) farms, chicken (duck) farms, fish (shrimp, crab) ponds and so on. Most of these parks rent rural collective land, especially the land contracted by farmers. According to the requirements of standardized construction, most farms are far away from the village, and all kinds of farms maintain a distance of about 1 km, and there is also a certain distance between the livestock and poultry sheds. These parks have standardized livestock and poultry feeding sheds, feed reserve rooms and management staff nursing rooms, equipped with a variety of production and auxiliary facilities, the park covers a large area, the site hardening ratio is high, and the building density is relatively large.

(3) Tourism agricultural parks mainly rely on high-tech agricultural planting and modern aquaculture to attract tourists for sightseeing and leisure. In this kind of park, fixed structures occupy more than half of the total area of the park, except for planting and breeding land, other land in the park are hardened. The main sources of profit of the park include service income such as admission tickets, accommodation and catering. Tourism agricultural parks include agricultural sightseeing parks, leisure agricultural parks, picking agricultural parks, ecological agricultural parks, folk tourism parks, health agricultural parks, educational agricultural parks and other types.

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Approval of management division

Agricultural industrial parks, science and technology parks and demonstration parks across China are booming, each with different functions and objectives, and playing an important role in promoting agricultural modernization, scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development. Below is a detailed analysis of these park types and their service convergence trends:

(1) Factory efficient Agriculture Demonstration zone: The project was established by the State Science and Technology Commission and selected to be implemented in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, with modern facility agriculture as the main body, integrating domestic and foreign high and new technologies for factory production. Through the introduction and integration of high and new technologies, the standardization, scale and efficiency of agricultural production have been realized.

(2) Sustainable and efficient agricultural demonstration zone: Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with advanced and practical agricultural new technologies as the main body, with the sustainable and efficient development of agriculture as the goal. It provides the experience and model for the sustainable development of agriculture in the 21st century.

(3) Urban modern agricultural demonstration park: characterized by high efficiency, ecology, characteristics and sightseeing, it integrates production, scientific research, promotion and tourism. The park has a high starting point, high technology and high efficiency to meet people's demand for high-quality agricultural products.

In addition to campus integration, service integration has also become an important trend. Many parks are committed to building themselves into a large platform for comprehensive services, integrating various agricultural service forces, and providing a full range of agricultural services for the main participants and surrounding farmers.


Seed and seedling breeding: Provide high-quality seed and breeding technology to ensure the healthy growth of crops.

Agricultural information: Provide timely agricultural weather, disease and pest warning information to help farmers make scientific production decisions.

Technical guidance: Organize expert teams to provide technical guidance and training for farmers to improve the technical level of agricultural production.

E-commerce: Build an e-commerce platform for agricultural products to expand the sales channels and market scope of agricultural products.

Warehousing and logistics: Provide warehousing and logistics services for agricultural products to ensure that agricultural products can reach consumers in a timely and safe manner.

Agricultural product testing: Quality testing and certification of agricultural products to ensure the safety and quality of agricultural products.

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