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Why is it less and less profitable to grow greenhouses? Have you stepped on these minefields?

Farmers who plant greenhouses should have heard a saying: "If you want to get rich quickly, plant greenhouses quickly."

But some farmers have found that planting greenhouses do not make money more and more, and even sometimes there will be a loss phenomenon, what is this? Let's have a look!

Rural areas have recently become a topic of discussion for many of us, on the one hand, due to the pressure of urban life, and on the other hand, the state supports rural development, so many people have begun to return to the village business plan. The countryside seems simple, but if you really want to make a big difference in the countryside, you really need to work hard.


Looking back in the past, many large and small farmers, how many can make a lot of money? Many are to solve a food and clothing, earn a pocket money, is already very good. But there are also many people, engaged in decades of planting, not only did not make money, but owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, why does this situation appear?

First, low-cost planting. We all understand that a lot of new people into the planting industry, are like to explore with low costs, see how the benefits, the income is good next year to continue, not good next year, so it is easy to appear in short supply of vegetables, certainly can earn, a year of oversupply of vegetables, will certainly pay, so the market of vegetables ups and downs.

Second, follow the trend of planting. Many farmers, especially new farmers, like to investigate, ask, visit, and see what is profitable to plant, so it is easy to be influenced by other farmers, and see what others plant. But it can be imagined that you are asking about this year's market, and this year has passed, you are sure that planting is definitely next year's harvest, this year's market is good and bad, often inversely proportional to next year, so don't follow the trend of planting.

Third, large-scale planting. Many people's thinking, on the scale to make a big profit, this is a big mistake in the planting industry, if you stay in the planting industry for less than 5 years, you can not reach the market analysis, control ability, if large-scale planting, the risk is very large, in case of loss, it is the ruin of the family, it is not as good as small area planting, using a small and beautiful way to adapt to the market, When you have a certain sense of the market, it is the most stable to carry out large-scale.


Fourth, engage in anti-season planting, we all know that anti-season dishes are very expensive, but we think about it, why are anti-season dishes expensive? Is it just scarcity? This is only a small part of the reason, the big reason is cost! Anti-season vegetables need to invest money and manpower is quite large, the construction of greenhouses and temperature control of an mu of land investment cost, equivalent to more than three times the cost of open-air planting, so if you want to make a lot of money in the anti-season, it is more difficult, and the risk is also very large.

Fifth, perceptual planting. In fact, this is the biggest problem that many farmers are most likely to make, many farmers, from the selection of land, to planting, roughly estimate the cost, do not calculate, directly start, have you ever thought that the local labor accounts for the majority, have you ever understood? Have you ever calculated the cost of medical treatment for the products of planting? Has the yield deviation been considered? Have you considered crop loss? Have you ever added up the loss caused by the lag in sales? And so on, this series need to be considered, can not think about it, it is easy to lose, must be rational accounting again, in the conclusion.

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